The Old Deanery Garden

The Old Deanery Garden

The Old Deanery, 9 Cathedral Green, Wells, Somerset BA5 2UG

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Dr William Turner Dean of Wells
How old is the beech tree?
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How old is the beech tree?

We cannot know exactly how old it is, without cutting it down and counting the rings!

However –

On the first large scale Ordnance Survey map of Wells, in 1884, it is shown as a sizeable, individual tree.

It does not appear on the fairly accurate plan of 1794, which does show other individual trees.

So, it was probably planted in the early 1800s.

It was probably not there at the time of Nelson’s victory at the battle of Trafalgar (1805), but might have been a young tree when the Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo (1815).

Old Deanery Beech Tree

Old Deanery Beech Tree